Audiobooks & Music

Hear what you are reading offers a comprehensive array of audio and music services–including production, manufacturing and delivery – to give your printed word an exciting added dimension and a unique and memorable voice. We have access to the top composers, vocal artists and voice talent in the industry, and state-of-the-art sound studios to create everything from jingles to book-length narrations.

The market for audio books has surpassed $1 billion and the demand continues to grow. Audio books extend the sales and increase the profitability of your books though such well-known channels as Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and can help you maximize that potential with highly polished and engaging audio books, whether they are fiction, non-fiction, how-to, or children’s books. We can produce audio books of any degree of sophistication from straight reads, to narrations rich with sound effects and music. We can also provide talent for narrations with regional dialects and narrations in both English and Spanish.

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