Basic E-Books

Anywhere, anytime

The market for e-books is estimated to be growing at 55% a year and could reach up to $5 billion within half a decade. The popularity and accelerating adoption of Kindle, Sony Readers, smart phones and other devices suggests an unquenchable desire for books that can be consumed anywhere, anytime, at the reader’s choosing. E-books make your books more accessible and convenient for everyone, and therefore, dramatically expand the market for them. In addition, e-books don’t require warehousing, packing and shipping, and they never fall out of stock or out of print. These characteristics make e-books an especially attractive profit opportunity. can help you create exciting digital editions of your products in any degree of sophistication you require, from simple page-turn books to interactive editions with audio, video, music and animation. We will convert your manuscript into downloadable formats that are ready for sale and distribution, including creating a clickable table of contents, bookmark navigations, embedded graphics and more. Now is the time to ramp up your e-book presence and seize the profit potential of generations that have been raised on digital content and come to expect it.