educational kit

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You have put together a great product and you want to expand its impact on your audience by taking them from theory to real world applications that demonstrate the power of your product's principles and ideas. Or you may have a product that lends itself to a step-by-step instructional format that teaches techniques or helps users to develop skills. An educational kit from not only helps you achieve these goals, but also gives you an excellent new revenue stream.

Using your original product and your training objectives as the foundation, we can help you develop an educational kit customized to your content. Our kits can include a variety of printed and interactive multi-media materials such as workbooks, study guides, step-by-step guides, leader guides, binders, videos, DVDs, CDs, and even online training. We can develop kits for individual use or for use by study groups. Our educational kits are ideal for giving your target market greater insight into your product and delivering a more profound, personal, and revelatory experience with your ideas.