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The convergence of video and the Internet has established video as one of the most powerful marketing tools. Video gives you a cost-effective way to reach a mass audience and rapidly build a fan base. The viral nature of video makes it ideal for promoting books. In today’s highly competitive book market, video has the ability to make your book stand out and come to life in ways no other medium can. has the creative and technical expertise to develop professionally produced promotional videos for use on your website, DVD, or other multimedia marketing components.

Author interview videos build interest in you and your books by giving your audience insights into your passions, motivations and personal experiences and how they are expressed in your writing. These types of videos also help you control the narrative of how you and your books are perceived in the marketplace. Through author interview videos, your audience gains an understanding of your voice and your message. Our services include the shooting the video and post-production, which allows us to edit footage of your book cover and other visuals into the interview to create a strong professional impression.

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Author Interview

Film Crew (one camera or multiple)

Concept and script development

Stock photo, sound, and video

3D and 2D Graphics

Flash Animation

Motion Graphics

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