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Book signings are your opportunity to sell your book directly to your target market. To help you maximize the impact of these important events, offers a complete Book Signing Kit containing all of the marketing and publicity materials you will need to guarantee success and a great turnout at every signing. Each printed element of the kit provides valuable visual cues to attendees and passersby. Collateral such as bookmarks, business cards or postcards promoting your book remind people that they either met you or were encouraged by a friend to learn more about you. Together these high quality, professionally prepared materials enhance your image and credibility, increase your book’s visibility, and serve as a stepping-stone for an eventual sale, if you need.

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Book Signing & Publicity Kit ($1300)

1000 full-color business cards 2"x 3.5" (4/4)

1000 full-color Posters 13" x 19" (4/0)

1000 flyers 8.5" x 11" (4/4)

1000 postcards 5" x 7" (4/4)

1000 full-color bookmarks 2" x 8" (4/4)

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In addition to these printed materials, africanamericanbookandmedia. com can supply tablecloths or banner stands for your book signings.

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