Basic Editorial Services

Lets get down to the basics

Editorial evaluation

Your book is evaluated by a professional editor against publishing industry standards and within the context of its genre. We provide you with a detailed, objective, yet constructive written assessment, including a review of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and specific guidance for rewrites and recommendations for improvements. The assessment covers all aspects of the manuscript including concept, plot, structure, age appropriateness, dialogue, writing style, pacing, succinctness and word choice. Where appropriate, our editors support their critiques with writing examples that reflect the standards for which you should strive. Our editorial reviews will give you ample concrete direction for perfecting your manuscript and making it more compelling and marketable.


Our experienced professional copyeditors bring your manuscript into compliance with publishing standards by making corrections to spelling, grammar, punctuation, hyphenation, capitalization, usage, terminology, syntax, and consistency. They will also identify words and phrases that may be inappropriate for the subject matter or your audience; correct common errors; and flag potential issues of copyright infringement. Please allow 2–3 weeks for completion of your project.

Line editing

When extensive editing is needed, our line editors will review each line of text in the manuscript and make corrections in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. With a focus on paragraph and sentence structure, word use, dialogue rhythms, etc., our line editors enhance the flow of the author’s prose and make it more readable. Please allow 2–3 weeks for completion of your project.

Content editing

Our content editing services combines line editing with a more extensive review of accuracy, consistency, characters, structure and overall style. Fiction manuscripts are examined for consistency in plot, characters and setting. Non-fiction titles are reviewed for consistency in information and ideas. Sometimes our content editors will make extensive restructuring of sentences. For educational titles, our content editors also assess the educational quality of the writing. Please allow 2–3 weeks for completion of your project.