African-American Book and Media

A Powerful Market

"We will never have an equal society until we acknowledge the differences"
With the growing diversification of the U.S. population, minority markets have become increasingly important sources of revenue growth. According to data from the Selig Center for Economic Growth, the African-American market remains one of the most fertile opportunities, with a population of 40 million and nearly $1 trillion in buying power. Yet recycling general market information and products to the African-American market often results in inferior results. To maximize potential, publishers and marketers must deliver products that reflect the culture and lifestyle nuances of the African-American experience. has extensive experience in and an in-depth understanding of the African-American market. The principals of our company have been specialists in the urban and multicultural markets since they started in the publishing industry over 20 years ago. The African-American market is not homogeneous.’s insights and knowledge into this segment will give your products the competitive advantage they need to succeed.

The explosion in exhibitors and attendees at the African-American Pavilion at BEA speaks to the vast potential for books targeted to African-Americans. We can help publishers establish and/or grow their presence in the African-American category with titles that are relevant and produced to the highest quality. offers strategic marketing and research services to publishers and other marketers targeting the African-American market. We also offer comprehensive publishing and marketing services in key verticals such as sports marketing, healthcare marketing, church based marketing, and event marketing.

Our publishing portfolio includes Black Parenting magazine, Nasaba magazine, Cook County Care, and many other events and materials. This specialized expertise gives our clients the advantage of reaching multiple markets more efficiently and cost-effectively. can also help you use your resources more effectively by leveraging general market media and the booming African-American media empire. Through our targeted marketing and public relations programs we can help you navigate the waters so that your books, media products, or other products, not only survive but thrive.